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Spoon Jewelry

The photos on this page are samples of what we have, styles vary per item


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Spoon jewelry are made out of silver plated silverware.  Custom bent for a great fit.



Spoon Watch


All  Spoon  Pendants  come on   a  leather 17"+ necklace. 

Please note  that  all  spoon  items  styles vary,  these are just  samples  of our work.

      Bent Fork Pendant Discontinued

Spiral Spoon Pendant



Spoon Drop with Stone


Spoon  drop  necklaces  with  stones  on 17" leather,  lobster  clasp  closure  for  secure  stay.



Split Spoon Earrings

Bent Fork Earrings Discontinued

Split Spoon Earrings


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There are a wide  vary  of  styles that  spoons  can  be turned into.  Long  lasting  art  for  spoon  lovers  to  wear.

      Spoon Rings  

Clip Spoon Key Ring


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