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Rose Rock

"State Rock of Oklahoma"

Oklahoma Red Dirt

      Sample Cluster Rose Rock      

Rose Rock Cluster


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Pierced Earrings

Rose Rock Earrings


Leather Rose Rock Necklace


Pierced Earrings


Oklahoma designated the Rose Rock as the Official State Rock in 1968.  Found in Central Oklahoma the Rose Rock is an aggregate of barite crystals and sand.  The iron content gives them a reddish hue.  Each earring rose rock is unique.


Rose Rock

Pierced Earrings

Rose Rock Jewelry

made by Kit in Oklahoma

Rose Rock Pendant


      Rose Rock Cage Earrings



An old Cherokee legend says the rock represent the blood of the braves and the tears of the maidens who made the devastating "Trail of Tears" journey in the 1800's to Oklahoma.

Lapel Pin/ Tie Tack/ Hat Pin

      5" Copper Stem Rose Rock  

Rose Rock Lapel Pin


Rose Rock Bag

Rose Rock Magnifying

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Rose Rocks can be found in clusters    with two roses to as many as hundreds

of roses. These Rose Rock are found 

in Central Oklahoma.



Rose Rock Mini Vial


Rose Rock Vial



2 1/2 Glass Oklahoma

with Rose Rock & Oklahoma Red Dirt Ornament


Made in Oklahoma


Logo & Packaging

designed by  alishabratt@ymail.com

Red Dirt is found in central Oklahoma near Norman, Noble & Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma Red Dirt Vial


Oklahoma Red

Dirt Mini Vial