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Rose Rocks

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Oklahoma Rose Rock Pierced Earrings

Rose Rock Earrings

Oklahoma designated the Rose Rock   as the Official State Rock in 1968.    Found in Central Oklahoma the      Rose Rock  is an aggregate of barite    crystals and sand.  The  iron content gives  them a reddish hue.  Each earring  rose rock  is unique.

Rose Rock Vial



Pillows are hand made and  designed by Kit. Others available:  Cowboy Hat, Boots, Horse, and Shape of Oklahoma. 


    18" Arrowhead Pillow

18" Star Pillow


      Military Wristlet Key Chains

Military Name Tape Bracelets



 I am a proud mother who has a        son in the Marines, so I carry my purse   with pride.  There is nothing better than a stranger saying " Thank you for raising a good son".  Military items are       custom made by me.

       Military Pocket Purse


Military Pocket Purse






Military Tri Fold Checkbook Wallet







Military Slouch Purse


Military Diaper Bag/Large Tote





Route 66 was established in 1926

and is known as the "Main Street

of America."  This historic highway originates in Chicago, IL and travels through Missouri, Kansas,

Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and ends in Los Angeles, CA. 

It is 2,448 miles long.


      Historic Oklahoma Route 66 Spice Shaker  

Route 66 Earrings




Pending New Design



Officially Licensed Travel "OU" Pillows


Wristlet Key Chains Awareness for Mitochondrial Disease & Eosinophilic Disorder


Logo & Packaging designed by  alishabratt@ymail.com


Pending New Design


Officially Licensed "OU" Pillows

Made in Oklahoma

Officially Licensed

"OSU" Pillows

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